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If you’ve always been a fan of the board game Monopoly — then you’re going to love Monopoly Big Event — a sensational online slot game from 918kiss. In fact, even if you’ve never been a fan of the board game — you’re still going to love this Monopoly themed 918kiss (APK IOS) slot game. Not only can you get rewarded for finding lots of the original board game’s characters such as the ship, the dog and the car — there is also a plethora of unique and fun bonuses to play as you try and build an impressive property portfolio.

Hosting The Big Event

The graphics department at Barcrest have spared no expense to bring you a big city backdrop and easy-on-the-eye graphics.There’s the usual lettered and numbered symbols you find in many slots, but make sure you collect these as matching symbols can boost your bank balance by between 10 and 200 times your stake. You’ll also want to collect as many character symbols as you can find. Canines pay up to multiple times your stake, vehicles pay up to multiple times your stake, and ships pay up to multiple times your stake. There’s additionally the Mr Monopoly image which can pay an amazing 2,000 time your stake, as can the Wild images.

However, it’s the Big Game Bets that will really open the doors to raising the cash needed to build that impressive property portfolio. The 20 coin wager permits you to play a dynamic multiplier which covers 5 twists.The wins on each spin are progressively multiplied from 1x — 5x.

In the interim, the 30 coin Big Game Bet turns a wheel toward the start of each game, arbitrarily picking one of three rewards.Win either the Progressive Multiplier Bonus, the Epic Spins Bonus or the Persisting Wild Big Event. The Epic Spins Bonus multiplies all winnings on all spins by 5x, whilst the Persisting Wild Big Event locks all Wilds in place for 5 spins. If 3 or more wilds get locked in during the bonus — it will also trigger the Big Event.

Four or five wilds also offer the Big Event with sneak previews to show you which Chance Cards can be used to your advantage when it comes to finding houses and hotels. Chance cards and Community Chest Cards are then selected alternately, with Community Chest cards guaranteeing a set number of free spins and wins.

This 918kiss slot game even offers advice on the Best Strategy to take advantage of those Big Event Bonuses.

No Jail At Stake

With 20 lines to play on each turn, each line can be marked from 0.01 coins to 25 coins — meaning you’ll never need to burglarize a bank to play it — and will positively never hear the words “Go to prison and don’t pass go”.However, that generous staking system does allow high-rollers to play a maximum bet of 500 coins a stake.

Always Pass Go

With everybody’s favourite characters (unless you liked being the iron), as well as some super payouts and some of the best 918kiss online slot bonuses on the planet — it’s time to GO! GO! GO!

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